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Wall Cleaning, Dubai

No matter what you need for your wall cleaning, Made and Clean in Dubai is here to help! We’re a family-run business that’s committed to doing a great job. We use top-notch gear to clean your walls and promise they’ll be spotless. If there are marks, we’ll try to remove them without needing to repaint. Your satisfaction matters to us!

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Hire Made and Clean for Professional Wall Cleaning

At Made and Cleaning Service in Dubai, our skilled team of certified cleaners specializes in cleaning different wall types. From painted walls to wallpaper or any wall finish, we clean without causing any harm.

We’re pros at various wall cleaning jobs like regular cleaning, deep cleaning, moving in or out, and customized cleaning to match what you want and your budget.

Standard Wall Cleaning

Get Made and Clean for your basic wall cleaning service in Dubai today! This service is great for walls that need a usual cleaning. We’ll also take care of cleaning your light fixtures and switch plates.

Deep Wall Cleaning

Made and Clean’s thorough wall cleaning service in Dubai is ideal for walls that haven’t been cleaned in a long time or need extra attention. This service includes everything from our regular wall cleaning, and we’ll also take care of cleaning your baseboards and door frames.


Wall Cleaning for Special occasions

Hosting a special event in Dubai and want your walls to shine? Contact Made and Clean for our special occasion wall cleaning service! We’ll make your walls sparkle by going the extra mile. Our service covers everything from deep cleaning and extends to special attention to areas that’ll be photographed.

Cleaning Services in Dubai

Get your apartment cleaned in Dubai. It’s that simple, affordable, and convenient.

Say goodbye to hassle! Our online booking tool is designed for your convenience, making scheduling effortless. Enjoy the simplicity of arranging cleaning services at your fingertips, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Move-In/Move-Out Wall Cleaning

When you’re shifting to a new place or leaving one behind in Dubai, Made and Clean can tidy up your walls. Our move-in/move-out wall cleaning service ensures a thorough cleanup of all the walls, baseboards, and door frames in your home. We’re also here to clean your walls before or after painting, making your space fresh and tidy.

Hire Us for Recurring Wall Cleaning Services

At Made and Clean in Dubai, we’ve got different wall cleaning services to fit what you need. We do power washing, steam cleaning, and spot cleaning for your walls. You can schedule us weekly, every two weeks, or once a month. And if it’s just certain spots you need cleaning, we’ve got you covered! We’ll tidy up baseboards, moldings, windows, doors, and any other specific areas you want cleaned. Whatever wall cleaning service you’re looking for, we’re here to assist you!

Call Us for Your Wall Cleaning

Feel free to reach out to Made and Clean in Dubai for a chat about what you need. Our team will visit your place, check what needs cleaning, and give you a price that suits your needs. We’re excited to hear from you!

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